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THE remarks of lecturer Chris Brand regarding paedophilia have again been taken out of context by the press for the sake of sensational newspaper-selling copy.Loading article content They were made in the contact of a plea for mitigation for Nobel Prize-winner Dr Daniel Gajdusak who pleaded not guilty to a charge of molesting a 15-year-old boy in the 1970s.
Mr Brand has specifically stated that he does not approve of or condone such behaviour, and he does not call for a change in the law of child sex.
He claims only that academic studies have shown that in certain specifically defined instances (non-violence,Louis Vuitton Bags, mutual consent,Louis Vuitton Uk, high IQ and educational level,Lv Bags, boys over 12 years) it has been shown to do no harm.
The question an academic must ask himself in the light of such research is not, “Will this information offend people if it is articulated?” but, “Is it true?” If it is true, it would not be the first time that modern research has coincided with the opinions of the ancient Greeks.
In Dr Gajdusak’s case the boys concerned came from Pacific Islands where such activities are regarded as normal and healthy. The point Mr Brand is raising is that the degree of harm done to the victim in some instances is less than in others.
This consideration applies to many other aspects of the law – eg, a person accused of stealing #5 will generally receive a lighter sentence than one who steals #5000 and the degree of injury inflicted is a relevant factor when considering punishment.
Mr Brand is saying that in the case of Dr Gajdusak if he is proved guilty, such considerations of justice should also apply.
This is a far cry from the press claim that Chris Brand is a supporter of paedophilia. However, it shows considerable courage on his part to comment at all in such a sensitive area of public opinion in the full knowledge that many will call for his dismissal. In Mr Brand’s mind, he is simply doing his academic duty.
Pat Brisbane,
23 Royal Park Terrace,